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Master Class: What the Duck?

Duck eggs are INCREDIBLE for baking. Who knew that duck eggs were even an option? Well. When your child turns you into an unexpected urban farmer and you get around 3 eggs a day during the season you find out real fast. My citified ducks eat a combination of calcium and vitamin enriched poultry feed and free range goodies they find during yard time. They love worms, watermelon, frozen peas and romaine lettuce. Dried meal worms are an especially tasty treat. Click here to meet the crew

If you have a fantastic recipe for brownies, cake, pancakes, or cookies, it will be even more amazing with duck eggs instead of chicken eggs

Duck eggs are an incredible source of protein.

The vitamin and mineral content is higher in duck eggs.

The higher fat content in duck eggs make cakes rise higher, give meringues more volume and stability. If your recipe calls for more yolk than egg white duck eggs are your best friend. Their yolks are way bigger than chicken eggs.

You can substitute duck eggs for chicken eggs in almost any recipe. But be careful when using duck eggs when you have a recipe that you don't want to rise.

I like to measure duck eggs in a liquid measuring cup to keep recipes consistent. But weighing your eggs and other ingredients is ideal.

To get the recipe right every time you should be a measurement kind of baker, so weigh out your duck eggs or use a liquid measuring cup. A large chicken egg is 2 ounces. Most duck eggs are 2.5-3 ounces. Weighing is the most certain way to get your recipe to turn out just right.

Grocery store eggs must be kept refrigerated until use. Fresh eggs can be stored at room temperature for weeks if unwashed. When it's time to cook I wash the egg in warm soapy water with a light weight scrubby thingy. Some say don't use soap to wash fresh laid eggs but I'm Black so...

Left: Freshly laid Pekin duck egg. Middle: Freshly laid Cayuga duck egg. Right: Large grocery store chicken egg


Have you tried baking with duck eggs? Let the Cake Lady know what you think.


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