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We're getting a taste of the big leagues!

Hey Cakewalk Chicago Crew,

Pinch me – I'm bubbling over like granny's peach cobbler and I am so excited to share the news with you! 🎉 I'm not bragging, but our little baking and cake decorating haven kinda made it into Essence Magazine! No clue how it happened but I'm glad it did!

Now, let me gush a bit about Essence Magazine. It's not just any magazine; it's this amazing culture keeper that has been celebrating Black womanhood through news, entertainment, politics, and culture for over half a century. Growing up it helped me to define the beauty of Black womanhood, and being part of the Essence Magazine 2023 Buy Black Holiday Gift Guide is like joining a legacy of excellence. (Shhh. I'm not old. You're old ) Check it out here and soak in the holiday vibes with awesome finds from some of my favorites in Chicago and local shops around the country.

But wait! There's more! Did I mention Shop Sokoni? It's this fantastic marketplace that champions unique finds from independent businesses. Being featured in the company of rising small business owners in the gift guide is like earning a golden spatula in the world of baking. I'm grinning ear to ear just thinking about it.

Our Cakewalk Chicago Baker's Delight Advent Calendar in the Shop Sokoni Gift Guide is a treat rollercoaster, and it's exclusively ours. Choose Traditional, For The Culture or Sweary Baker. Order your holiday fun here. Your adventures in baking and decorating will thank you!

Shoutout to YOU:

Massive love to each one of you! Your support has turned our cozy in-person boutique into a buzzing place in the national spotlight. You're the real MVPs of Cakewalk Chicago!

Baking Hangout Spot:

For the uninitiated, Cakewalk Chicago isn't just a shop; it's where bakers find their treasures. It's the friendliest hangout spot for bakers – where you snag the coolest tools, the essential ingredients, and trade the best baking tips. The renovation of our flagship store is coming along nicely and we cannot wait to show it off to you.

Gifts for the Givers:

Now, let's talk about the real heroes – you, the bakers! You've been whipping up joy and delight for everyone, and it's high time someone gave you a little sweetness in return. Friends and fam, show your baking buddies some love with goodies from Cakewalk Chicago. They'll love you even more, and that's saying something!

Let's Bake Together:

And for the experience seekers, our 2024 class season gift certificates are live here Let's bake together, learn together, and have a blast together. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

As I soak in this moment, I want to thank each one of you for making Cakewalk Chicago what it is. Let's celebrate, laugh, and bake up a storm this holiday season. Cheers to more sugar and spice in our lives! 🎂🎈

Lori The Cake Lady

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